Trivia 12 Last presidents Ecuador

Who governed from 2003 - 2005? Clue: he made an agreement with Bucarám, the "forajidos" kicked him out, he ended up escaping in a helicopter

Who governed from 1997 - 1998? Hint: Known as the "dancer", he accommodated everything. One from “the night of the 3 presidents”

Who governed from 2007 - 2017? Hint: Bro of Maduro, Chávez and all socialist/communist countries. Fugitive from Ecuadorian justice, sentenced. He flattened land that cost billions

Who governed from 1996 - 1997? Clue: He ruled for 6 months. He took loads of money in sacks. "The madman who loves", they say

Who governed from 1998 - 2000? Clue: he declared dollarization, signed peace with Peru.

Who governed from 1988 - 1992? Before becoming president he founded the Democratic Left (ID)

Who governed from 2021 to 2022? Hint: he did so many things wrong, he never removed the Correístas from his government and ended up dissolving Congress which, by the way, had a 6% of approval (the worst of the worst)

Who governed in 1997? She did it for one day because Congress played her

Who governed from 2000 - 2003? Clue: Vice President of Jamil Mahuad. He executed dollarization, raised public sector salaries

Who governed from 1992 - 1996? Clue: His iconic phrase “Not a single step back”

Who governed from 2017 - 2021? Clue: He "stabbed" Correa on the back. And it was Correa himself who put him there as president. He was previously his vice president

Who governed from 2005 - 2007? Clue: he assumed power after the "forajidos" kicked out Lucio Guitierrez

Who currently governs from 2023? Hint: son of one of wealthiest men in Ecuador