Young Orchestra of Ecuador seeks support for European tour

The orchestra, founded by Brazilian maestro Diego Carneiro at the beginning of 2016, is made up of musicians from 10 to 24 years old and is considered one of the most important young orchestras in the country. Now, they have started a fundraising campaign to finance a concert tour in England and Spain that would take place July of next year.



The orchestra has a variety of young musicians of different nationalities: Ecuadorians, Colombians, Venezuelans, Cubans and Brazilians. In addition, it is part of the music program of the NGO AmaZonArt (founded in London, also by Carneiro) which seeks to promote concerts in different countries, support social projects in areas of low economic resources and raise awareness in society through music.

Even without having much experience, young talents have already performed as an orchestra in more than 40 events. Their first concert was in support of those affected by the earthquake in Ecuador in April of the previous year. They have also participated in important events, places and stages such as Habitat III, Casa de la Música, La Amazonía and festivals in Aruba and Rio de Janeiro.



vía Facebook Orquesta Joven de Ecuador




The previous year they played for indigenous communities and performed at the Orellana Archaeological Museum and Cultural Center. They managed to take their music to places where they are not normally heard or there are no presentations of classical music groups. The idea is “to offer an innovative training space that enhances learning and commitment to the community through art” – Diego Carneiro.


In an interview by La Hora newspaper, the orchestra director points out that “they are young people who have grown up with the idea of ​​impossibility; that is why this alternative space has been created to motivate them to create with a different look ”. He wishes to fulfill one of his objectives when he arrived in the country, “that the instrumentalists go very far with their instrument.”


The orchestra needs $ 13,000 to tour England and Spain in July next year. It is a great opportunity for the talent of the Young Orchestra of Ecuador to be shown abroad and can continue to grow as artists while contributing to society with their music and talent. That is why they have started their fundraising campaign ‘Help us fly’. You can support them with a donation in their fundraising link. They will be able to pay for plane tickets for 18 of its 23 members.



vía Facebook Orquesta Joven de Ecuador


In their Facebook fan page they describe their objectives and emphasize that they want to become a “stable reference for musical training through teamwork, the development of human values ​​and the exploration of different musical styles”. That is why they promote “workshops, conferences and exchange with other countries, with the mission of generating integration, inspiring young people the sense of personal and professional responsibility through high quality concerts to the community”.