Yasuní, second chance

Yasuni. All Ecuadorians know what it is, what it has and what they are losing, what will disappear. Yasunidos brings a new idea, one more effort to keep the oil under the most biodiverse place in the world.



Yasuni is in the Amazon of Ecuador, it is a lung for the planet with its thousands of oxygen producing trees. In addition, the park is a source of vital water for humans and for living beings that inhabit its territory. In one hectare there is more biodiversity than in all of North America and, in its territory, people live in voluntary isolation, tribes never contacted.


For those who don’t know the case: it all started 10 years ago.

The then president Rafael Correa presented the ITT initiative to the world, proposing to the international community to keep the oil reserves of the Isphingo, Tiputini and Tambococha block (ITT) unexploited, estimated at 930 million barrels corresponding to 20% of the country’s reserves.

The objective was to avoid sending 400 million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere thus contributing to the fight against global warming. To achieve this, the initiative expected a contribution of at least $ 3.6 billion from around the world. Money that represented about 50% of what the Government would have received with the exploitation of the ITT blocks.

But on August 15, 2013, the President reported that the Initiative failed and that the extraction of crude oil would proceed. We will not go into details about the political and confidence rupture, nor of what happened years ago with the recollection and counting of the thousands of firms that demanded for a popular consult so as not to extract the oil from the Yasuni, but we will mention and quote Roque Sevilla, in charge to lead the initiative in its beginnings: “There was a positive response in the world, there was no response in him. I can assure you that the world… not the world, the countries responded favorably to the proposal, the one who failed was President Rafael Correa Delgado ”.

Much of the failure had to do with an obvious contradiction of the Initiative: the International Community clearly took notice: while the initiative was presented to the world, ITT oil extraction was taken into account as budget and financing for other projects in the country. How could one trust that the Government of Ecuador would not exploit ITT? The International Community did not fail us, our Government failed us.



Photo: national geographic




But let’s look at what is happening now, Yasuni has one more break and it is our obligation as humans, as Ecuadorians, as protectors of the most biodiverse place in the world and its Nature, to support it.

Lenin Moreno has opened a door for a Popular Consultation on various topics and it is time to take advantage of it for Yasuni.

The proposal of Los Yasunidos is that the popular consultation includes if you agree to keep Yasuni-ITT crude indefinitely in the subsoil?

To achieve this, on Facebook, Twitter andInstagram, write @Lenin with the hashtag #YasuniEnLaConsulta to include the question in the popular query.

It’s time for big and important changes, it’s time to save something worthwhile whose value cannot be calculated or measured with oil. We invite you to participate, share and document the movement of Los Yasunidos in order to save the most biodiverse place in the world, Yasuní lives.