WWF 2018 Planet Report

The data from the 2018 World Wildlife Fund report confirms that we’ve damaged our planet. Studies reveal how we are destroying it, how we are exterminating hundreds of species and how, in turn, we are damaging our own existence. “This is not a story of fatality and pessimism; it’s reality”



Since 1998, every 2 years the WWF has published this document full of research, statistics and numbers that reveal the damage we have caused to nature and to all living beings that compose it, including us.

In addition, the report calls for necessary changes, and key actions that people, businesses and governments must take to avoid even greater damage, but more importantly, actions to save it. It is no longer enough to stop the destruction and abuse that has been caused, now, the important thing is to heal and recover nature.


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In these weeks we will publish more information about WWF’s “Planet Report 2018” and we hope that everyone can join the change for the common good; because if the habitats, the resources and the species of nature disappear, we will have ended the life of beings that lived in peace, that were not to blame, and that were only existing. Also, keep in mind that if they disappear, our sources of water, food, work, family, money and everything we call “home” will also disappear.

Download and read the full report here on the WWF page

We want to encourage you to share what we are publishing, we believe in a better world and we can change it. Everything that can be used to spread such an important message to cure the planet is worth it.