Wrinkles and earthquakes are indicators that our Moon is shrinking

NASA reported that, as the interior of our natural satellite has been cooling, it has shrunk to a little more than 50 meters after hundreds of millions of years.


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In this process, simulating the shrinkage of a raisin, its surface breaks and creates faults that are pushed up and form small cliffs with heights of around 10 meters. These are the lumps of the lunar landscape.

Thanks to the seismographs installed in different Apollo missions, 28 earthquakes have been distinguished. From a mathematical algorithm or program, the scientist Thomas Watters, head of the Center for Planetary and Earth Studies at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Center, has managed to obtain the location of the lunar earthquakes and has distinguished 8 of them near the visible faults in the images of the Moon. 6 of the 8 recorded earthquakes occurred when the Moon was at its furthest point on Earth. With this data they concluded that the tidal effort, plus the Earth’s gravity creates a stress that facilitates the sliding of these faults.

In addition to these studies, lunar images prove that there is still tectonic activity. The whiter areas are “exposed new land” that has not darkened because it has just been exposed to space, indicating that there has been a recent lunar movement. “These traces are evidence of a recent earthquake because they must be erased relatively quickly, on geological time scales, by the constant rain of micrometeoroid impacts on the Moon. Rock tracks near faults in the Schrödinger basin have been attributed to recent rock falls induced by seismic shocks. ” (POT)


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Source: Fuente: NASA


The current objective is to install more seismographs to understand more of what is happening on our Moon and to understand what problems these lunar earthquakes can bring.