We see you die from above. An Amazon fire

From above we see you burn, I see you burn and die slowly. Everything that once lived for millions of years is now falling and disappearing. For now it’s the smoke that prevents us from seeing what’s happening there, in the lung of the Earth, in the heart of this hell, but we can imagine it.

I see you lazy bear, trying to get out of there, but you know very well that you cannot escape, you are too slow to move, just like you, reptiles, the fire will reach you and consume you and it will be a slow, very slow death, your scales will not protect you. Unfortunately, they were not prepared for this, for an irresponsible and cowardly attack of humans; no, they were not ready, those actions are understood only among humans.



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And you jaguar? I see you running, but where to? The flames are everywhere and they’re expanding. You can be fast, strong, you can be an ancient god, but if you don’t know which direction to take, you may well be heading towards your own death. A pity, there are so few of your kind left in the world … I see you birds flying, it seems that someone will be saved from all of this, but you have delayed your departure, we understand, you had to leave your nests, your sons and daughters, your homes. The ultimate sacrifice.

How much despair, how much death during these 18 days of fires, how much unnecessary destruction, how much evil. And after all of this massacre only ashes will remain, and no one will be held responsible for this. A president accuses NGOs of voluntarily causing the fires; an extractivist president, permissive with mining, with oil, with deforestation and with little care and respect towards communities of the Amazon. Anyway, we all lose here and no penalty will be enough to compensate for this attack to the world.

Are you hot? You’re not hot, you will only feel this hot if you change places with the thousands of species that suffered and perished and with the other thousands more that will die. This image is the living portrait of the end of life. #PrayForAmazonia? It won’t help, the Amazon has been in danger for decades, praying will not prevent its destruction, nor will it return the lives of the dead, or even free them from the suffering. The Amazon is under attack and will continue to be attacked for what we consume, for agriculture, for paper, for wood, for people who want silver and more silver, for oil, in short, mercilessly attacked only by us. This is the meaning of this fire.