The Place of the Week: Mindo

Pichincha has a wide variety of touristic options: Mindo stands out for its activities with its flora and fauna and for adventure tourism.



Just at 2 hours from Quito, Mindo holds in its small sub-tropical forest an incalculable variety of flora and fauna of the Andes. Birds, butterflies and orchids are the main ecological attraction of this Ecuadorian town.

For all those who like hiking, you’ll be able to look at a great variety of birds in various guided walks. Since 1997, Mindo was declared an Area of ​​Importance for Birds of South America and since then they have participated in the bird counting competitions, always taking the first national place.


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If you have seen photos of the most striking activities, you will find that you can have a special approach to butterflies of all types and colors. This activity has been one of the most attractive for tourists.


If you are one to seek adrenaline, this is the destination that will allow you to fly in the canopy, face waterfalls, cross the rivers with the tubing, jump into the void from the bridges and more. It is the place to wear helmets and lifeguards to enjoy the freedom that nature gives you to play in it. There are extreme tours guided by people who know and love Mindo Valley, the adventure will be safe.


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If you go by car you take the Manuel Córdova Galarza highway (first order), from the Middle of the World,  you pass the northbound roundabout. Continue north on the Calacali – La Independencia road until approximately 79 km from Quito.

If you go by bus from Quito, you have to get to the Ophelia Station in the North of Quito. From there, the Flor del Valle cooperative regularly leaves for Mindo. The trip takes 2 to 2 hours and a half.