The myth of Gemini | #MySaga

Do you know what the Greek myth behind the Gemini zodiac sign is? Here, a love story immortalized in the stars.


In case you want to read the story, we leave it here.

Today in #MySaga, the first of many zodiac signs, the story of Gemini.

Astrology, which continues to gain a following, is not recent nor did it have its beginnings in the back of the newspaper.

It comes from perhaps before the times of Babylon, it is from that period that there is more evidence and the first organized system of astrology is recognized. Here it is said that the zodiacal signs were born.

What is it? A belief that divine information about humans and what happens on earth can be obtained through the study of the movement and positions of the stars.

Anyway … This is not the prediction of what will happen in the month of June, but the Greek myth behind the sign of Gemini.

“The Twins”.

Leda, the queen of Sparta, was walking through a forest when the light reflected off the water caught her attention. There she swam the most beautiful swan she had ever seen, she was instantly attracted and approached.

The swan modeled her beauty and seduced her and without further ado they slept together, had intercourse, copulated, and when Leda opened her eyes she realized that the swan had transformed and it was Zeus with whom she had slept.

That same night Leda also slept with Tyndareus, her husband. These two encounters resulted in an incredible phenomenon as Leda gave birth to an egg from which Castor, the mortal son of Tyndareus, and Pollux, the immortal son of Zeus, emerged.

The twins became inseparable. Their union, unbreakable. They did everything together, they felt everything the same. They became great warriors and joined the Argonauts and gained incredible fame.

Now comes the classic tragedy of mythologies.

In their eternal dispute with his cousins ​​Idas and Linceo, the twins intervened in his marriage to Hilaíra and Phoebe and took the women away. This unleashed the fury of the couple and they attacked Castor and Pollux with all their might. But Castor, the immortal, received the spear of Idas in his heart … and died instantly.

Pollux, soul-shattered by the death of his brother, battled against the two cousins ​​until his father, Zeus, arrived and each ended the lives of Idas and Lynceus.

But this was not enough for Pollux who did not want to know anything about life without his brother, Castor. So he asked his father to give him death to be with him.

Zeus, far from convincing him to continue living, convinced Poseidon to help him, and that is how the god of the sea turned them into a constellation to protect the sailors, and from then on Castor and Pollux stayed together among the stars.

That was today’s saga .. See you next time.


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