The “Limitless” pill is now on sale

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In the film, Bradley Cooper begins to take a transparent pill called NZT-48, which made him incredibly intelligent and rich. It’s not exactly how the true pill works, but the Brain Plus IQ helps your brain and is already on the market.



Almost 7 years ago the interest in this pill was born at the premiere of the movie “Limitless” which based its entire plot on this supplement for the brain. Now it is known as Brain Plus IQ, a pill that enhances brain capacity, some call it “the Viagra of the brain.”

The reaction of the ingredients to the NRXN3 gene in the brain is mostly amplified in men and women aged 18-35 years. The exhaustive studies done on its components have not resulted in the existence of side effects but it has led pharmacists to identify it as a very strong medicine that should be sold under prescription.


Source: Brain Plus IQ


Although the FDA recognized Brain Plus IQ as the first approved cognitive enhancer, there are those who oppose its use because it gives consumers an advantage over those who do not take it. However, despite several pronouncements against it, this empowering brand has permission to sell online.

One of the testimonies of a student (to the NBC) emphasizes the fact that by taking this pill “his ability to think and focus doubled … thanks to this product he did not have to withdraw from his medical studies.”