The legendary Fáramos of Andrinia #MySaga

Now they are known as Andean moors (páramos), ecosystems that are so important for the survival of thousands of species, including humans. We wrote this story for the celebration of the 1st Day of the Moorland in Ecuador ?. Story in collaboration with CEDENMA. Activate for English subtitles.


The mist came to cover it all. What had come within her reach to deliver to Gaia, to the mountains and volcanic slopes of the kingdoms where such important elements had been established after evolving for millions of years, advancing to give life. Still without perfecting her gift of foresight and even before receiving the threatening message, she had seen them coming. It was when Aletheia thought: “I will cover everything with a protective mantle.” Aletheia had obtained and used Liria, an energy of the Cosmos, still unknown but now known as dark energy, to create a mist over the legendary fáramos, those wastelands of the kingdoms of a mountain range, in the arm of the ancient Andrinia, now known as the Andes mountain range. At the speed of light she covered everything, with the certainty that when the moment came, it would not be enough, but that she would prolong the fight, convinced that the help would always be given to those in need, fighting when it would be necessary to fight, but never by provocation.

And it was many eons ago, where the Almurios, name of the gravitational waves in the space time, fulfilled their objective, and like waves in the water they would deliver the message to her ears. So the song went on, music was manifested with intense and growing lights as they interpreted the message received, Aletheia had heard a call for help from a solar system 20,000 light years from her location, from the center of the Galaxy. She gazed and saw Gaia, the 3rd planet revolving around a small star, her gift of foresight had not failed her.

If humans had existed at that time, they would never have been able to see it, that cry for help that came invisibly to the human eye, outside its narrow visual spectrum, and it was clear, Gaia was asking for protection for herself and for every being under her care. And so it was that, from a distance, millions of years ago, Aletheia covered the andean moors in order to keep them hidden from a predator. But everything comes, and humans didn’t take much longer to appear. Aletheia had achieved that from 3400 meters above sea level, when the threats to this environmental system ceased, when these malicious animals surrendered and turned around to descend after seeing their pass impossible, only then would the areas be momentarily free of mist, mist that would turn into fresh water to supply lakes, rivers, water that the same human would consume; only then the landscapes would be exposed to be appreciated by eyes alien to these beings. In addition, Aletheia had used Liria to condition them, she had written in the air that, if the attempt persisted to conquer the fáramos, if the desire to hurt the mountain continued, the mist would remain mist without ever knowing its way of being liquid water again, without giving life to others, without providing water to people.

But humans are, above all, persistent in the attempt to conquer everything, even if they recognize the damage that they themselves receive; and when ascending through the mountains they found coldness, a different flora and fauna, difficult terrain and poor visibility which meant a challenge for an animal that managed to climb the pyramid of the food chain, the one that went from being prey to becoming into a fearsome predator. And Aletheia was there to see their evolution, their reach and their thirst.

They cursed Aletheia, even without knowing or recognizing her, they cursed her because they knew that someone was fighting next to the mountain, for the moor. And it is this animal, this human, its existence, the product of what may well be an anomaly in the Universe, or just a possibility of billions of life chances, their being, in its smallness, in the crumb of sand that means their presence in the Cosmos, in their insignificant place that they occupies in this Universe, could cause irreparable damage, without requiring any help to do so, no participation of divinities in the destruction. And time passed and the protective mantle took on a great and effective presence by creating a barrier, it seemed that the moors would be free from damage, Aletheia had managed to protect them. However, humans tried to establish themselves over and over again, to completely conquer the high mountains, and they realized how difficult it would be to subdue her, but even if they couldn’t put her at their feet, they could do harm, and they wanted to hurt her, and they did. Humans managed to weaken the wastelands, and received help for it, help from the Threrios, 3 of the 7 oldest presences in the Universe (this great support they received will be told in another story). And little by little they crossed the barrier, destroying those legendary fáramos and the sources of life. Aletheia reacted and filled the heights with an icy cold called Anthartia, an icy cold of the frozen corners of the Universe, hoping to hold them back until she could get some help from someone on Gaia.

Alethia waited and saw the day finally come, the first day of the Páramos (Andean Moorlands) in the center of Gaia. She knows that it is not enough to stop the advance of humans, but it is a first step to recover such important legendary ecosystems. And little by little Aletheia diminished Antartria, without eliminating it completely. Aletheia finally recognizes an ally in Gaia, the species that is capable of destroying is also capable of protecting.

We celebrate special days during the year, Planet Day, Jaguar Day, Mother’s Day, Children’s Day, Women’s Day, today the Day of the Moor. One day out of 365 we celebrate it, and it is important. There are some who say that every day should be those days, and we will share that idea since every day we should celebrate mothers, women, the planet, jaguars. And if it is not to celebrate, then let it be to remember, because all these beings are important, they have all gone through millions and billions of years of evolution to reach this point, to be here, they have earned a place and they all have a role in pro of Nature, except one. And it is in this era where humans are the ones who choose what place the rest of living beings should occupy on Earth, who lives and who dies, who must exist and who must disappear, who has value and who is worthless, do they sound like gods?

There is a tree of life, which we will talk about at some point, a tree in which we are all in, where we emerged from the same trunk, where we evolved, developed and earned our place on Earth; just separated by branches but still, with the same origin, nevertheless. Let every day be a day of remembering what we are forgetting is important. May every day be the days of dogs, parents, tigers, orangutans, dolphins, every day of Gaia, of planet Earth.

Everything is connected, and this story too. Read the Legend of the Golden Forest of Mangahurco, Aletheia is also a protagonist.

That was today’s saga .. See you next time.

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