The Eurasian lynx is not just any kitten, they are fierce

In photos you may see him a little bigger than a cat, a cute animal, but he is as fierce as a predator. Its power is so great that it can knock down its prey 4 times its own size and it can jump 4 times its height.


Lynx de Eurasia en la lista roja de especies amenazadas Saga Nature Saga Creativa Saga Animals 1


The Eurasian lynx almost disappeared by the hands of humans. In Europe, it was on the verge of extinction when its population was around 700 specimens in the 1930s. The good news is that conservation projects have multiplied its number by 10 in the last 50 years.

As the name implies, they live in the forests of Europe, Russia and Central Asia. It is the largest species of lynx in the world and shares its habitat with some of the largest and most tenacious predators on the planet, such as the tiger, the leopard, the snow leopard and the wolf, competing for prey such as deer, rabbits, foxes and hares.


Lynx de Eurasia en la lista roja de especies amenazadas Saga Nature Saga Creativa Saga Animals 2


It is a very stealthy, silent species. Its presence can go almost unnoticed for years, they are basically like ninjas. Even so, those who have been able to see them describe the Eurasian lynx with long black tufts at the tips of their ears, with gray or red fur, almost always with dark spots, which becomes thicker during winter. They usually have a size around 90-110 cm in length and 60-70 cm in height. They weigh between 18 to 30 kg, although the Siberian lynx can weigh between 38 to 40 kg and reach a speed of 65 km / h.

They are exemplary felines, nocturnal hunters for the most part, although they have been seen hunting during the day. They live up to 17 years in nature and 24 in captivity. However, although its population has increased, the lynx is a vulnerable species and threatened by illegal hunting and destruction of its habitat.