The Chinese Fleet, an environmental threat, is now with 245 fishing vessels very close to the Galapagos Islands

Like every year, the unfortunate presence of hundreds of Chinese fishing vessels invade the coast of Ecuador. We hope this time the massacre we saw in 2017 does not happen again.


Flota china una amenaza ambiental ahora con 245 barcos cerca de las Islas Galapagos Saga Nature Saga Creativa Saga Animals Ecuador
Source: Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Jason R. Zalasky


The Navy of Ecuador has detected in its radars 3 fishing fleets with Chinese flag 256 nautical miles from Isabela Island, in Galapagos. The boats are very close to the edge of the Insular Exclusive Economic Zone (ZEEI), where fishing is illegal. That is why yesterday, Thursday 21, phase II of the Maritime Sovereignty Plan was activated; This consists of increasing intelligence activities, the execution of air-exploration operations, a more intense satellite monitoring of vessels with a foreign flag, the deployment of naval vessels in the area and logistics support in Galapagos. Additionally, the CASA AN-204 aircraft is flying over the place where the fleet has been installed and two missile corvettes, a Bell 206 helicopter, a submarine and a coast guard are being prepared.

Because it is a predator of seas, wherever they go fishing, they do it without mercy or consideration, they devastate the area, empty the place and then continue to do the same on other coasts of other countries. Each time they sail to farther waters since they have to leave theirs after exterminating all the food they had in them. Once, its number of ships reached 2600, making it a powerful fleet that seek to bring food to its immense population.

We hope and trust that the Navy of Ecuador can keep aside this 245 ships fleet, that they can protect the flora and fauna of this special and important place for the world and for Ecuadorians. In addition, that the Government of Ecuador does not fall under pressure, that it does not expose the archipelago and that it does not allow any damage to the Natural Heritage of Humanity or to any of the species that live in it, and that make it really unique.

It is our duty as citizens to socialize this information with all Ecuadorians who, we are sure, reject these invasive incursions that endanger such fragile and important ecosystems, as the Galapagos Islands.