The 16 gigapixel photo of Quito

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The highest resolution photo of the city of Quito was taken by photographer Jeff Cremer, recognized for his work for National Geographic, Discovery Channel, among others. If you live in Quito, zoom in and you can see your home;)

The project in this photo started some years ago when Jeff Cremer, a renowned wildlife photographer, came to Quito to create a high resolution image of the capital. With 16 gigapixels, the printed photo measures 25 meters and is composed of 912 individual photos. The final result has 300,000 × 55,313 pixels.


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Screenshot  GigaPixel webpage Quito


The photo was taken from Pichincha, an area high enough to include the entire city and close enough for precise details to be seen. In his blog, Jeff Creme specifies the equipment, lenses and settings he used to get the detailed picture of the city. It also describes the editing process, retouching programs and its final process: how the photo was uploaded to the web. It wasn’t a simple task, but he says he likes these kinds of challenges. Finally he wanted to share his methods and the photo. To do so, he created an exclusive website called Gigapixel Quito, where you can enjoy the city and its smallest detail.