Liliana Jaramillo, young champion of the Earth

The UN presented the “Young Champions of the Earth” Environment award to Ecuadorian Liliana Jaramillo. This award comes with USD 15,000 for her to continue with her proposal to use native plants to preserve the environment in urban environments.

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Massacre in the Galapagos

Let's not let this news be forgotten. On Sunday, August 13, 2017, the National Navy found 300 tonnes of shark fin and young and baby shark fishing inside the Fu Yuan Yu Leng 99, a boat with the Chinese flag captured in the Marine Reserve.

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La Trueca: Trade School

This initiative to exchange knowledge, skills, ideologies was born in New York in 2009 and is now here in Quito as part of the international network of schools that operate based on barter: "Trade School."

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