Street Library Sanctioned for “Misuse of Public Space”

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The Metropolitan Control Agency (AMC) sanctioned the Andoteca de la Coruña and Toledo under the premise that its initiative to encourage reading is a misuse of public space. ?


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Source: Facebook Andoteca


An ANDOTECA is a street library where you can leave books and take one that interest you, anyone can be part of this exchange. It is an initiative that does not intend to profit but “build a more participatory citizenship and encourage reading” as La Hora Fernanda Riofrio, one of the creators, told Diario La Hora.

According to the AMC, they received a complaint from a neighbor and on January 16, after an inspection, they recommended the withdrawal of the Andoteca to avoid fines. However, on January 30, after removing the device, “El Oso Lector” (reading space where the Andoteca was) published in its networks a notice that they received a $ 100 fine for flagrant violation of the misuse of the public space, which they must pay in 72 hours, before presenting their defense, as “guarantee of the outcome of the procedure”.


Andoteca Quito mal uso publico Saga News portada comunicado

Although at the hearing they suggested we withdraw the Andoteca to avoid sanctions (and we did so) they still sanctioned us!
We must clarify that no inspector of the Quito Control Agency, during the hearing we attended, was interested in knowing what Andotecas is, the work it does, or all the documents, guarantees and information we carry for consideration. #FuerzaAndotecas ”

This publication had several responses from citizens, almost all of them supporting the initiative and highlighting the contribution it means to the city of Quito: a project so important that it was recognized with the Concursable Fund of the Ministry of Culture and Heritage within the framework of Habitat III .

At the moment it is difficult to know what will happen since the Municipality does not have any specific permit or regulation for this type of projects, nor does it have the willingness or openness to support a project that clearly does not, nor does it intend, more than to promote reading in a culture that needs more books and fewer obstacles to cultivate its culture.


Andoteca Quito mal uso publico Saga News
Source: Facebook Aitor Arjol, Facebook Andotecas


Hopefully, the remaining Andotecas, such as that of the La Concepción park, outside El Recreo shopping center, La Floresta, the Gabriela Mistral park, Nayón and the Valley of Chillos do not suffer the same outrage, despite the fact that this event has managed to bring to light the interests and priorities of the Municipality, as well as the sincere interest of citizens to support these initiatives and protect their community.

A good idea with a positive impact deserves analysis, support from the parties involved to find a way to progress, not to repress it. What do you think of the measures taken by the Metropolitan Control Agency (AMC)?

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