Sozapato: the “brushtrator”

Sofía Zapata is an illustrator, designer and actress. She is an artist under the name Sozapato, which works for any profession, today for the storyteller that draws.



She studied design, plastic arts and a Master’s degree in Illustrated Children’s Book in Madrid. That’s where Matilde was born. A book using only images to tell the story of a young girl. It has no words, only one color among blacks and whites, but with several levels of interpretation. This book aims to arouse curiosity and reflections in children, as well as a space to give an important role to your imagination to tell the story.




Sofia has many ways to express herself, all through artistic and creative channels. For her, “art has the wonderful power to show us as human beings.” Clown theater exposes her joy, her strokes, her vision of life.


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With several awards and recognitions, her learning experience doesn’t stop. Her next steps will be guided by a continuous self-taught education, as she has been complementing her titles, and by an openness to be inspired by other artists to evolve and improve.

Sozapato not only attracts for the aesthetics of her work, but for the depth of her concept. She is an artist that is worth following.