Review: Dunkirk

Christopher Nolan’s new film has been acclaimed by international critics with the enormous pressure of this word: masterpiece.



If you haven0t seen it yet, this is what you can expect (in general terms).

  • Tom Hardy and his covered face.
  • Near to no dialogue.
  • Unsettling music. Music that will bring you in the scene and leave you on hold, could count as a supporting actress or actor.
  • Incredible aerial shots.
  • Incredible shots in general. A great direction of photography.
  • Harry Styles, the former member of One Direction. Yes, he’s in the cast, but it doesn’t feel uncomfortable like Ed Sheeran in Game of Thrones.
  • Great casting


The battle of Dunkirk, France, occurs in World War II between the Allies and Germany. In this military operation, Frenchmen attempted to evacuate the 400,000 English and French soldiers from the beaches while they were still being attacked by Nazi forces





Dunkirk is not the movie you imagine yourself watching while eating a popcorn. It’s a different kind of entertainment, even though it may seem like the typical war movie. Although you are gonna want to just absorb this visual and musical gift, thanks to the infallible contribution of Nolan’s accomplice, Hans Zimmer, it is 106 minutes of feeling despair, disappointment and endure loud war sounds along with the characters.

The shots chosen by the director to tell this story throw you into a spectrum of reactions in the characters that are easy to understand given the different circumstances in which they are put through. This intentional mislead, very usual in the director’s style, can be interpreted as the desire to build several climax outbreaks in which the essence of different personalities bloom: in many, solidarity, in others the camaraderie or courage or sacrifice.

If you like Nolan movies, or even if you don’t, this is a movie you will want to see.