How well do you know the Malayan tiger? Quiz

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10 questions about the Malayan tiger, one of the 20 critically endangered species. If you haven’t heard about the feline, check out the video below or read their story in this link. Ready for the challenge? Let’s see how much you know.


Do they live in Malaysia or Thailand?

How can you help them?

Does stopping eating meat (cow, chicken, pig) help the tiger not to become extinct?

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How many years do they live in the wild?

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Is the tiger a solitary species or do they live in packs?

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Of the 8 subspecies that once existed, how many have humans extinguised?

How many are left in the wild?

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They are in danger of extinction due to:

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What continent do they live on?

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Does consuming palm oil products kill tigers?




Check out the history of the Malaysian tiger here and find out more about this species. To know more about these beings is to help them, and it is necessary to help them, it is the right thing to do. There are only 200 left in the world.

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