Your privacy is of great importance, Saga TeVé is committed to maintaining the confidentiality policies, further described, in order to protect the privacy of the personal information of its users, obtained through its online services. The Privacy Policies detailed below may have future changes, so it is advisable to review them periodically.


All information obtained from the user when using the services we offer through our application or while visiting the services we offer through it is under the rules of confidentiality and / or privacy.


The personal data contained in the confidential information are used to provide the user with a personalized service according to their needs, where appropriate, offering selective advertising, geolocated according to their location or content that may be of interest to them.


Saga TeVé will not share confidential information with any of the partners or co-owners or third parties, except with the express authorization of the people who obtained the information, or when it has been required by court order, in accordance with the regulations in force in Ecuador or to protect the intellectual property rights or other rights of Saga TeVé. Saga TeVé does not sell or rent user information. If the user’s personal data should be shared with commercial partners or sponsors, the user will be notified before they are collected or transferred.

If you do not want your data to be shared, you can decide not to use a certain service or not to participate in some promotions or contests. In accordance with the above, you understand and agree that this confidentiality policy does not apply to information that the user voluntarily provides when communicating with other people through electronic correspondence, in chats, newsgroups or other similar activities.

It is the user’s responsibility to be prudent in the type of information provided when participating in these public activities. is not responsible for the privacy or data collection policies of third-party service and product providers or how those third-party service or product providers use the information you provide.


This confidentiality / privacy statement, which describes the terms and conditions of Saga TeVé, constitutes a legally valid agreement and therefore with legal life between the user and Saga TeVé; If the user uses the services of it means that she has read, understood, accepted and consequently agreed with the terms set forth above. If you do not agree with them (the terms and conditions), the user should not provide any personal information, or use this service.

If there is any question or doubt, do not hesitate to contact us.