NIU: the new CORFÚ ice creams

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To commemorate 30 years of ice cream making, CORFÚ celebrates by innovating. They now offer a new sensory experience for their customers with NIU ice cream.



A fresher, more intense and more textured flavor than the traditional one. Its creaminess makes the joy of having this ice cream last longer and you definitely are left wanting more. This is the result of the new machines that beat the four flavors instantly, in front of your eyes: vanilla, chocolate, blackberry and orange with the classic candy on top.


Helados Niu Corfu Saga Food helado


This unique novelty in the country commemorates the 30 years of this family business and offers a new experience for its customers in the warm atmosphere they have built in each store of the CORFÚ ice cream shop.

Of the 9 flavors that the Elie brothers started with, they now have 24 varieties in the 11 stores in Quito. Come and try this new presentation in your selected locations.


Corfu Av. Portugal
Corfu La Esquina – Cumbayá
Corfu Quicentro


niu 2 flavors: $ 2.25

niu 4 flavors: $ 2.95