#MySaga | The dance of the rain of Los Cedros

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In this saga we make up a story to highlight the importance of all living beings in Los Cedros Protective Forest. Listen to it and then read on for more information on how to help protect the forest and its species.


Los Cedros Protective Forest is facing the government and mining companies in defense of the Rights of Nature. “This forest is a Key Area for Biodiversity, which makes it essential for the
global persistence of biodiversity and the health of the planet. ”

On October 19, the Court examined evidence on whether or not mining should be allowed within Los Cedros and other Protected Forests. The hearing focused on the application of the Rights of Nature, guaranteed in articles 71 to 74 of the Constitution of Ecuador. “The outcome of this important case to protect the Los Cedros Reserve from mining would set a precedent for all future Rights of Nature cases and could drastically limit the ability of mining companies to operate in Ecuador.”

Several scientists and activists presented evidence about the high number of species, both endemic and others in danger of extinction. There are more than 200 species in high danger of extinction and 5 in critical danger of extinction.

They also spoke about the harmful impact that mining activities have and how it would affect the lives of the species and the communities that have built a system of sustainable jobs to protect this area.

“CEDENMA spokeswoman Natalia Greene told the court on Monday:” As the world watches, the Constitutional Court of Ecuador has an opportunity to enforce the Rights of Nature guaranteed in the Constitution, and make a decision that protects a highly threatened ecosystem from mining. ”

To support the forest, its protectors, and keep the case moving forward, they can help in a number of ways.

1. Donation to save Los Cedros.
2. Sign the petition.
3. Follow the campaign and share.
4. Learn more here and here.

Together we can help conserve these valuable spaces for life on the planet.



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