The 9 warriors of Sucumbíos #MySaga​

Today, a story based on real life. A collaboration with CEDENMA to tell you about #CasoMecheros. Activate for English subtitles.



If you prefer to read it, we leave you the text:

It is no secret that in the Amazon there are spirits that protect the air, the water and all those who live in it. Sometimes they take the form of animals, of rain, they enter the trees … and they also enter the hearts of warriors.

Sucumbíos had turned black. Its water had the taste of metals, the rain burned the skin, the greens, and slowly killed the earth. Between the trees you could see red lights, they looked like torches, but no one approached them.

9 young souls came out to play near these lights. They got into the water, ate what came from the spring, walked barefoot on the land they trusted. But their laughter gradually faded, their souls weakened, their bodies were sick.

News of their ailments traveled through the communities, and they knew they were not the only ones. All who had eaten, drunk from the bounties of the forests, who had felt its rain and breathed its air, were exposed to death. Many already felt it coming.

This filled the girls with courage, anger and bravery, and they made a call for help to the spirits. They joined in rite and summoned the warrior forces who agreed to give them guidance to fight against this evil. Thus the girls approached the forbidden torches and saw that it was black fire, lit red. That they transformed resources into poison, that they were polluting. The moment had come.

With the backing of all the spirits, they raised their voices together in a chant that became more and more powerful. Black energies tried to silence them but their chant continued loud. Their pleas and demands seemed not to be heard. Until the natural judges listened, understood their request and logic and, through a voice, handed down a sentence:

Darkness for the black fires … put out the lighters …

This story is in collaboration with CEDENMA, through which we want to pay attention to #CasoMecheros. It has been ruled that the lighters that burn gases in oil operations go out because they violate health rights, the environment and the rights of nature.

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That was today’s saga .. See you next time.


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