Who are the last 12 presidents of Ecuador?

In Ecuador, each president has a term of office of 4 years, which means that 12 presidents must have governed for 48 years. But Ecuador, being a bad ass country, it only added up to 25 years. In this test we are going to see what is what and if we all know the last 12 presidents of this great nation full of, currently and recently, delinquent politicians.

Who governed from 1992 - 1996? Clue: His iconic phrase “Not a single step back”

Who governed from 2005 - 2007? Clue: he assumed power after the "forajidos" kicked out Lucio Guitierrez

Who governed in 1997? She did it for one day because Congress played her

Who governed from 1988 - 1992? Before becoming president he founded the Democratic Left (ID)

Who governed from 1996 - 1997? Clue: He ruled for 6 months. He took loads of money in sacks. "The madman who loves", they say

Who governed from 2000 - 2003? Clue: Vice President of Jamil Mahuad. He executed dollarization, raised public sector salaries

Who governed from 2003 - 2005? Clue: he made an agreement with Bucarám, the "forajidos" kicked him out, he ended up escaping in a helicopter

Who governed from 2007 - 2017? Hint: Bro of Maduro, Chávez and all socialist/communist countries. Fugitive from Ecuadorian justice, sentenced. He flattened land that cost billions

Who governed from 1997 - 1998? Hint: Known as the "dancer", he accommodated everything. One from “the night of the 3 presidents”

Who governed from 2017 - 2021? Clue: He "stabbed" Correa on the back. And it was Correa himself who put him there as president. He was previously his vice president

Who governed from 2021 to 2022? Hint: he did so many things wrong, he never removed the Correístas from his government and ended up dissolving Congress which, by the way, had a 6% of approval (the worst of the worst)

Who governed from 1998 - 2000? Clue: he declared dollarization, signed peace with Peru.

Who currently governs from 2023? Hint: son of one of wealthiest men in Ecuador

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