La Trueca: Trade School

This initiative to exchange knowledge, skills, ideologies was born in New York in 2009 and is now here in Quito as part of the international network of schools that operate based on barter: “Trade School.”

Forget the monetary exchange, the idea, clear as its name, is to give workshops based on barter. “Instead of paying money to attend a class, students bring something that the teacher asks for […] it can include objects, services and other skills or knowledge.” (La Trueca).




La Trueca offers a platform where you can sign up for workshops or propose one to teach it. The place and time is decided by the teacher. The idea is that they can give their classes in different parts of the city with the intend of retaking public spaces.

This fifth season, Awake City, has already opened its space for them to register or register their class in this link.If they want to see a little of what has been done before, so that they have an idea of ​​how it works, they can see the past classes here.

Their Facebook:  LaTrueca