Iguiñaro, you gave us hope #NotOneLessCondor

Sad news and outcome of the release that took place a few months ago of the rescued condor Iguiñaro who was rehabilitated by Fundación Zoológica de Ecuador. He was found wounded with a pellet in his body. It is unforgivable to hunt down this critically endangered species. Today, there are around 150 condors in Ecuador, that is 1 condor for every 113 thousand inhabitants in the country. Visit the Ecuador Andean Cóndor Foundation and Fundación Zoológica de Ecuador pages to find out how you can help, protect and preserve our emblem species. #NotOneLessCondor #CondorGuardian



The threats that the condor faces are: illegal hunting, loss of habitat, competition for food with street dogs and poorly cared for domestic dogs, lack of food within the National System of Protected Areas (SNAP) and other natural areas of public administration.


In this link you can find more information about the threats and how you can support the foundation that works daily to save this living being.

#LifeIsDying #Don’tLetIt