How well do you know the vaquita? Quiz

10 questions about the vaquita, one of the 20 critically endangered species. If you haven’t heard about the cetacean (dolphin), check out the video below or their story in this link. Ready for the challenge? Let’s see how much you know.


Does stopping eating fish and seafood help the vaquita not go extinct?

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Abandoned fishing nets in the sea kill vaquitas?

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Does illegal fishing for the totoaba (an endangered species) affect the vaquita?

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Where is their last refuge?

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How can you help them?

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How many are left in the wild?

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How many live in captivity?

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They are in danger of extinction because of:

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Does bycatch (net fishing for other species) kill vaquitas?

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Are they the smallest cetacean (dolphin) in the world?

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Check out the history of the vaquita and find out more about this species. To know more about these beings is to help them, and it is necessary to help them, it is the right thing to do. There are only 10 left in the world.

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