Quiz: How much do you know about Earth Day?

How important do you think this day is? Many say that every day should be Earth Day, even more so now that humans are exceeding the limit of what our planet can withstand. We are close to crossing this point, if we have not already passed, the point of no return. 10 questions for this test, let’s see how we do, hit it.

How many people marched in the 1st Earth Day back in 1970?

How many countries participate in the celebration and manifestation of this day?

In what year did Earth Day start?

How many people participate today in the celebration and demonstration of Earth day?

Do you think that talking to your family or friends about Climate Change is a way to start helping?

How many hectares of forests are cut down each year in Ecuador?

Which of the following save you money and at the same time help the planet?

In what year did Earth Day start?

Every year how many hectares of forests do humans destroy?

In which country did this celebration begin?




Share this test with one more person and let’s start helping the Planet, a place that, if we don’t take care of it, will show us the way to the end of our species and that of thousands of other species. Remember, without humans, the Earth will survive, but we will not survive without a healthy Earth.

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