Mitsubishi, Animals in danger #GameChangers

A story that was born from the will to help, which came to life thanks to the good heart of the human being. Take these minutes and you will know that you can generate a change in yourself and your company, you will know that you can receive and give love for the simple fact that it is there to reach it. We are telling this story in collaboration with Motransa Mitsubishi, a company that has helped foundations such as: Animalízate, Acción Animal Ecuador, Dog Walking Quito, Catman and Dogin, PAE (Animal Protection Ecuador) for several years.




This is the story of the beginning of Motransa Mitsubishi’s involvement and help with animal care. The movement was and is led by the General Manager, Fernando Banderas, who has driven the company to support a large number of foundations and shelters dedicated to the protection and assistance of street dogs. Also, look at the story of how the company, specifically the dealership, is home to 3 rescued dogs who provide countless psychological and emotional benefits to the company’s employees; as well as economic, production and efficiency benefits to the company.