#GameChangers | Acción Animal Ecuador

Acción Animal Ecuador is an animal shelter in Quito, Ecuador, with around 250 puppies rescued, mistreated, injured, run over. Every day they seek support from the community to give these little animals a second chance. Also, if you want to help you can participate as a volunteer, you can donate materials, food or money in the bank account we specify below. Look for them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as Acción Animal Ecuador and visit their website at http://accionaenimalecuador.org/ so you can see everything they are doing.



You can help them here so they can continue with their daily work.

Banco Pichincha
Fundacion Accion Animal Ecuador
Cuenta corriente: 2100173702
Ruc: 1792851599001
Tlf: 099 518 3568
[email protected]