Galapagos free of plastic straws

The ban on the use and sale of plastic straws in the Galapagos Islands came into validity today, Tuesday, May 22, 2018.

The initiative “Galapagos for a culture without plastics” starts this May 22nd with the ban on one of the most polluting products on the planet: the plastic straw. Also, the introduction of plastic bags, polyethylene containers and non-returnable bottles will be prevented by phases, at different dates. From August 21st, all these products will be banned.


Galapagos libre de sorbetes de plastico Saga Nature Saga Creativa Ecuador

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The project, approved in February 2015, by the Governing Council of the Special Galapagos Regime (CGREG), is part of a mandatory compliance ordinance for any type of resident or visitor of the islands. That is why businesses have been quick to implement alternatives: metal and bamboo straws take precedence over the options to replace plastic.

This type of prohibition has prompted entrepreneurs to sell “environmentally friendly” sorbets with their own cleaning kit, so that people always have their straws with them. This trend has already become visible in many of the international tourists and is being adopted by locals.

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The awareness to protect our oceans comes a little late in all countries. We have managed to form gigantic islands of plastic with the irresponsible consumption and disposal of these materials and we are killing life in its many forms and species. We invite you to check this data on the National Geographic campaign on plastic and its deadly threat to the planet.