Ecuador will be part of the corridor that will descend from the Andes, through the Amazon to the Atlantic

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The “Triple A” (Andes, Amazon, Atlantic), the richest environmental corridor in biodiversity in the world, travels through eight Amazonian countries whose representatives will meet in Ecuador in July to begin the process.

The president of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, announced in the Sixth Plenary of the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), that Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Suriname, Venezuela and France, for French Guiana, are promoting the corridor that descends from the Andes, goes down to the Amazon and flows into the Atlantic.


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Source: Ana Cota



It is not a structure, or a road. The corridors are connections between regions of protected areas (which already exist) or original ecosystems that “connect between landscapes, ecosystems and habitats, natural or modified, to ensure the maintenance of biological diversity and evolutionary ecological processes.”

For example, between two protected areas, say forests, there is an area that is not protected, but it is still forest, it still has biodiversity and to conserve it, it identifies the connectivity it has with protected areas and, instead of becoming an area of ​​“ human use ”the flow of species is recognized and becomes a section of the great corridor. By creating this great connection, a continuity is given to the species so that they move towards climates and spaces that cover their needs.

This connectivity is maintained through productive activities such as economic activities that are compatible, that is, the composition, structure and function of ecosystems and landscape are maintained.