Comparte Ecuador: a hand after the earthquake

This organization creates post-disaster development programs and it did not hesitate by devoting themselves completely to Canoa and its community. More than a year later, they celebrate the end of the program with incredible results.



Comparte Ecuador was born from an emergency: days after the earthquake they were already installed on the beaches of Canoa. They quickly implemented a temporary social habitat from where they created development programs to help the community in its time of transition.

This is one of the few organizations that remained up to this point by raising the fallen from the coast after the disaster. We find it difficult to summarize everything they did in these 16 months: the figures add up to about 322 families benefiting from programs, activities, investments and even networking.




They have moved around 660 volunteers from more than 32 countries. People with different backgrounds, professions and ages have contributed to finding real solutions to the needs that many families around this community have. They have helped them with coaching, lending them a hand in rebuilding their homes, advising them on their ventures and implementing permaculture.


This practice includes several aspects (economy, renewable energy, agriculture, sustainability, etc.) based on ethics and principles that guide holistic thinking to care for the Earth and all the beings that inhabit it.

We have made Canoa more resilient, building an ecological, responsible and creative community” (Carla Rizzo, Community Manager).






The Comparte Ecuador edition: Transforming Disasters into Community Opportunities closes its cycle in Canoa with a farewell fair. They have summoned their volunteers to share with them this celebration that will take place in Canoa at the holiday: August 11-13.

For all those who want to know more about this organization you can find it on Facebook here