Camille, a Latin American and Swiss short film

Ecuadorian from Argentina project: a movie that narrates a family drama that arises during Lucia’s journey to fulfill a promise to her daughter. Here’s a teaser of the project.



Camille is a short film that takes place born in Juan Pablo Basantes’ head (ECU – Director) and takes shape alongside Gonzalo D. Campos (ARG – Screenplay) and Valérie Loewensberg (SUI – Director). They define it as “a drama with a roadmovie cut, Lucia and Camille’s trip on their way to the lighthouse, a special place where she will fulfill her promise: watch the sunrise together.”

This initiative comes from a team with different backgrounds and manages to feed on each other’s expectation of the project: the desire to see it completed has prompted them to seek different financing methods.


Facebook Camille


They launched the crowdfunding campaign at IDEAME and offer interesting rewards to those who support them so they can finish filming the last shots. If you want to be part of this project and help you see the light you can enter this link.

Camille’s progress will be found on his Facebook page.