Anthony “El Tumbador” Reasco, the boxer from Guayaquil asked for help

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3 days ago a video of the young Ecuadorian boxer “El Tumbador” Reasco was circulating on social media. The purpose of his message was to ask for financial support so that he could represent the country in Colorado Springs, United States. He won a spot by fighting, and needed $2000 to cover the costs of the trip. Did he achieved it?

He was born in Trinitaria Island, a red zone of Guayaquil where “the only law is that of the gangs,” as one resident comments. And if you have not heard of the place, this narration and description of an article from El Comercio will give you an idea of ​​daily life in this area.

It is here where Anthony grew up. In his neighborhood he is known as “The Rat“, and in his sports discipline he was named “The Tumbador“. They call him that because of his size, his unquestionable strength and for being crowned champion in the National Games with the fastest K.O of the competition. Anthony, to this day, remains undefeated in his category.


Anthony el Tumbador Reasco boxeador Isla Trinitaria Saga Sports Saga Creativa Ecuador ring
Source: Twitter Ernesto Yitux


“El Tumbador” was one of the main characters of a documentary film called Next Round which narrates about the box seedbed that is changing lives in one of the hardest and most conflictive neighborhoods of Guayaquil. This box school was born in 2015 thanks to the former professional boxer and current sports promoter on the Trinitarian Island, “The Destroyer”. The former boxer began training children and youth with the aim of driving them away from violence and drugs. It’s been 3 years since its opening and has managed to take its students to win 35 gold medals. Among them is “The Tumbador” Reasco. Now, they set a new goal: go to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.


“In life, as in boxing, the important thing is to know how to resist and get up when you have fallen”
– The “Destroyer” Preciado



As Next Round says in his Facebook account, “he got a spot in the qualifying tournament for the World Youth Box and the Youth Olympic Games by fighting inside the ring. It would be a shame that, due to lack of budget, he cannot represent Ecuador in this discipline “. ?? ️?

He needed $ 2000 to cover travel and stay expenses to represent the country in Colorado, United States in the month of May. Fortunately, Aplios, Sports Encyclopedia and Burbano Quirola & Asociados Abogados supported him and completed the budget that Anthony Reasco required to compete.


Anthony el Tumbador Reasco boxeador Isla Trinitaria Saga Sports Saga Creativa Ecuador cover
Source: Siguiente Round


The Guayaquil-born José Andrés Cárdenas is in the same situation, another great boxer (category 56kg). He comes from the Las Malvinas neighborhood and also deserves the opportunity to fight for Ecuador. You can help by contacting the Next Round page.

We will be supporting the “Tumbador” in this new challenge out of Ecuadorian land representing his nation.