Anipal: an Ecuadorian app for pets in our country

In Quito, there are approximately 600,000 “pets” (dogs and cats). 60% are from the street, 20% are abandoned and only the remaining 20% ​​have responsible owners. Now there is an application dedicated to all of them.



Pets are lost on a daily basis, many sick dogs and cats are sacrificed because of the threat posed to the city’s health, and thousands are looking for a home where they are cared for and loved.

To attempt to combat the numbers of homeless animals, a group of Ecuadorians has developed an application called ‘Anipal’, a social tool focused on the rescue and welfare of animals in Ecuador.


anipal una app ecuatoriana para las mascotas de nuestro pais saga animals
Source: Anipal


Users can create a profile for their pets, get a unique identification code which they can use in case the animal is lost. Instead of having to post a photo of the dog on social networks, it can be done in exact time and with geolocation of the last place where it was to give reference to those using the app who are nearby and can help find it. In addition, this can be done with the dogs we find in the streets. The idea is that the users of the application can give a hand to pets other than their own. You give notice, photo and location of where they are found and the members of the Anipal community can take over.


anipal una app ecuatoriana para las mascotas de nuestro pais saga animals 2
Source: Anipal


Currently the application already has a beta version, but it needs financing to be able to officially launch it and continue its maintenance and expansion. Its crowdfunding (collective financing) is managed by one of the managers of the idea, Santiago Salgado who invites us to (click here) to make any contribution we can, in exchange for different gifts for our help.

All potential users can help them. All those who have animals or are interested in their welfare, shelters, foundations, activists, organizations or companies related to pets can be part of this project helping it to see the light. This is, finally, an application for our beloved pets and to help those without protection or home.


With this application you can:

  • Register your pets and report them in case they get lost.
  • Report if you find lost or abandoned animals on the streets.
  • Find animals to adopt or give for adoption.
  • Use the map to locate places of interest for pets.
  • Make friends and share your pet’s moments.

If you want to know more about the project you can visit their Facebook by clicking here.
To help finance the project you can click here.


Secretaría de Salud del Municipio del Distrito Metropolitano de Quito