Ambulant micro-theater in Quito

El Telón is an ambulant micro-theater that inaugurated its project in February in the city of Quito. The idea is to reach different spaces around the city with varied proposals.

The new trend of the micro-theater tries to revive this type of art by means of shorter deliveries that impact its audience and gives them the possibility of entering and leaving without having to stay 3 hours in their seats. In addition, its cost is much less than going to a “normal” play so it will be an “attainable” experience for a younger audience. The first season of El Telón has three plays, each one about 10 to 15 minutes and is called Love, Love, Love.



Microteatro Quito Saga Arts Saga Creativa cartelera
cartel amor, amor, amor.


This project has original works by Ecuadorian artists: Paula Llerena (Cuenca, Ecuador)  and Sebastián Bravo Montenegro and Alejandra Coral Mantilla from Quito. These young people have divided the season into:

La Pegona,” the story of a market employee  who, on request, hits unfaithful men; “Eugenia,” who takes the reins of her life after a disastrous date. Finally there is “Now or Never,” which is about a couple with a lot of debts and they find an opportunity to save their economy, but may leave them behind bars. Three stories, three types of love.


Microteatro Quito Saga Arts Saga Creativa gente


To support this new proposal you can go see “Love, love, love” in La Creperola of the Patio de Comedias Theater on March 7 at 9:00 p.m. ($ 10).

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